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Track your pledge

In this tutorial, we will explain how you can keep track of your pledges. You can find a video tutorial on the bottom of this page.

Active and inactive pledges

You can find all your pledges in the ‘Your offers’ page. From there you can view all your current and previous pledges - with filters for your active and inactive (either expired or completed) pledges.

Adding funds Adding funds Adding funds

Keep track of a pledge

Selecting a pledge will allow you to view it in more detail, including when it was created, when it will expire, the conditions that were set, the current funds remaining locked in. You can also view information about the beneficiaries and validators. Here you can also see a timeline - showing you the events of your pledge.

Adding funds Adding funds

Getting notifications

The If Then Give app will send you push notifications when the status of your pledge changes, for example, if your condition was met and funds have been issued, if your pledge was paid out completely, or if it expired. You can disable status updates for individual pledges, or for all pledges. You can read more about push notifications here.

Video tutorial

In this short video tutorial, we will show you how you can keep track of your If Then Give pledge. We show you how you can find currently active and expired pledges and what information you can see about your pledges.