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Personalise a pledge

In this tutorial, we will explain how you can customise the conditions, durations and the budget of your If Then Give Pledge. You can find a video tutorial on the bottom of this page.

For more information on what a pledge is, please read the Create a Pledge tutorial page.


The If Then Give app allows you to create personalised pledges so that you can customise almost every aspect of the pledge: maximum budget, duration, expiration date, and conditions.

Adding funds

Set the conditions

The pledge builder will guide you through the process of customising your rules and conditions. Note: For some pledges, you will not need to set all parameters to create a valid pledge. For example, an earthquake project only requires that you set a magnitude. You will be able to continue once the minimum parameters have been set - some may require more than others.

Adding funds Adding funds Adding funds

Set your budget

There are two ways to set your budget for a pledge: One-off pledges and recurring pledges. One-off pledges will only happen once after your conditions have been met (you can decide the amount) and release the entire amount you configured. Recurring pledges, however, will release a fraction (defined by you) of you total budget each time your condition is met. Recurring pledges will have a maximum limit (set by you) which will remain locked until the pledge is complete (or expires)

Adding funds Adding funds Adding funds

Set the duration

The amount you set (either as your one off or maximum recurring) will be locked until the pledge completes or expires. You can set the expiry date of your pledge and any pledge made will have a ‘cool down’ period where you can cancel should you need to (more info can be found here).

Video tutorial

In this video tutorial, we will guide you through the pledge builder. We will highlight all the aspects of creating your fully customised pledge, from selecting a cause, setting condition, to define your budget and the duration of your If Then Give pledge.