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About the app

The If Then Give app was developed by researchers from Lancaster University to explore a smart, secure and data-driven alternative to current fundraising models that enables donors to link their charitable donations to real-world events, ensuring funds are immediately available when needed the most.

Using the app

Participants like you will be invited to start using the app in waves from February 2022 onwards. To guarantee the best performance for all users, we may temporarily restrict new registrations by using a queue that works on a first come first serve basis.

You can explore many functions and the content of the app after you are fully enrolled. However, in order to use all functions of the app, you will be required to top-up your account with a minimum of AUD$10 using a credit or debit card. For the following weeks, and until the end of this research, you will be free to use the app however you like and you can delete your account or uninstall the app at any time.

Please check the Terms and Conditions and refund policy to understand what happens to remaining funds if you stop using our application.