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Informed consent

By using the If Then Give app, you confirm to provide your consent to take part in the research.

I confirm that I have read and understood the participant information sheet, the Terms & Conditions, and the refund policy for the If Then Give research. I have had the opportunity to consider the information, ask questions by contacting the researcher via email ([email protected]) and have had these answered satisfactorily.

  1. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw without any adverse consequence or reason during this research. I also understand that on withdrawing during and up to 2 weeks after the official end date of study my data will be destroyed within a week of receiving the withdrawal information. I understand that following any withdrawal from the research project, Oxfam Australia will continue to hold the limited personal information (name, contact details and donation history) that it has collected about me in order to process donations and issue receipts, satisfy regulatory obligations for up to 7 years. I also understand that Oxfam can use this limited information to update me on any future opportunities to engage with or support Oxfam Australia. I understand that if I don’t wish to receive updates I can opt-out of receiving any updates on Oxfam Australia’s work, by emailing [email protected]

  2. I understand that a donation agreement established in the app does not constitute a real-time transfer of monetary funds to the respective beneficiary, but that funds are settled regularly.

  3. I understand that Oxfam Australia / the researchers are unable to refund the credit you loaded up onto the app. This includes remaining credit after the pilot ends. I understand and accept that any remaining credit in my account will be donated unrestricted to Oxfam Australia.

  4. I understand that any information given by me may be used in future reports, academic articles, publications or presentations by the researcher/s, but my personal information will not be included and all reasonable steps will be taken to protect the anonymity of the participants involved in this project.

  5. I understand that my name will not appear in any reports, articles or presentations without my consent.

  6. I understand that any post-study interviews or focus groups will be audio-recorded and transcribed and that data will be protected on encrypted devices and kept secure.

  7. I understand that my data (including usage logs of the If Then Give application, survey responses and interview transcripts) will be stored securely against a pseudo-anonymised identifier and kept according to Lancaster Universities guiltiness for a minimum of 10 years after the end of the study.

I agree to take part in the If Then Give research.